And there it is, finally! The Kiss. The REAL Kiss, not the Dream Kiss from earlier.

Not much left here! Only two more pages. One on the 11th and the last on the 18th.

After that, starting on 24 June, I will finally be starting up Locus: Godslayer! I’m terribly excited to finally get LG off the ground. I was gonna do it last year, but the LG script kept battling back and forth with the script to Slip, which is the comic about Spook and Silk’s daughter (if you’ll recall).

Slip makes a cameo or two in LG, by the way. She’s a year old at the time LG takes place. Other old friends will be there, too! Spook, Silk, John Dee, Isaac, Eden, the Mud People, and someone I’m sure I’m forgetting.

Anyway: stay tuned!