Silk does a lot of growing up on this page, and it was fun to draw that. It’s also good practice, as Locus will be having similar moments here very soon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Patreon last week! I was gonna set up a Patreon thing for Godslayer, but Vic (creator ofย Zikย and the cyberstud who makes all these Locus Comics websites possible!) said to me, “You know, I can do all this Patreon stuff right here with WordPress plugins.”

And he did! It’s pretty cool, really. I can offer all the things Patreon offers, and I can throw the 5% that Patreon takes off the top into advertising instead. Thanks, Vic!

At any rate: stop by next week! It’s the page you’ve all been waiting for…you just didn’t realize you were waiting for it.

Or something.

And we’ll talk more about Godslayer, too!