Hmm.  Well, then. I can’t say much, except: you guys keep this scene in mind when the next comic gets started later this summer. Okay? Okay.

Also: I’m sure you’ve heard, but H.R. Giger passed away yesterday. I love his artwork, especially when I was young and impressionable. He’s inspired me for decades. Three, in fact!

Back in 1981, I was 11 years old, laying on my stomach in my sleeping bag on the living room floor, chin in hands, eagerly watching (absorbing, rather) HBO because it was late at night, the parents were asleep, and Alien was on.

Ridley Scott gave us a wonderful Haunted House In Space movie, and Giger supplied the nightmares. After years and years of cheesy rubber monster suits,  Giger gave us a real, terrifying monster! Alien would stand alone (for me, at least) as the pinnacle of sci-fi horror until 1998-ish, when I first saw Event Horizon.

So here’s to Giger! Thank you for all the weird and original stuff.

Stop by next week! I’m giving the last five pages to Silk and Spook.

And then we’ll get crackin’ on Godslayer.