Ah, girl-tossing. One of Spook’s lesser known skills.

I am currently in the crunch to not only finish up the last 8 pages of Silk & Honey, but I’m also writing and plotting furiously for Locus: Godslayer and the upcoming Spook & Moondoggie comic. As such, I don’t have a lot of time for Facebook or G+…hell, I barely have enough time to answer comments lately! Jeez.

Nonetheless, please leave a comment if you’re so inclined! In fact: let me know what weird end-of-story twist you think I’m gonna pull out of my hat! 🙂

Because there is one. And it’s coming up very, very soon. Stay tuned!

In other news: you guys know I’m coloring DJ’s new comic, right? Did I mention that yet? I’m not always mindful of my self-promotional (or promoting others!) duties. At any rate, check it out! It’s a fun story. I’ve seen the whole first issue and read the synopsis for the rest of the (limited) series, and it’s good stuff. You’ll dig it, for sure. Give it a look!

And, as always, give my Iron Tiger buddies a look! Raven’s wrapping up his Endale story, which started before Locus was even over! That was over two years ago…hmm…you know, I gotta say:

I didn’t mean to take so long to get back to Locus. Sorry, guys. I needed to get away from it for awhile, and then I ended up swamped with other stuff.

But it’s on its way! And it’s a good story. Best one I’ve written yet. Stick around! I’ll show you. 🙂