That peak in the last panel is a real landmark of the American Southwest. Not too long before I started Locus, I was driving past Picacho Peak at least once a month on business trips. I always wanted to put it in a comic. So there you go!

Stop by next week! Silk’s all on her own in the brutal desert. No food, no water…not even a shirt to keep her from getting sunburned! As all of us do in our youth, she’s learning things the hard way.

And, if you missed it, I’m working on a script for a new Locus comic. The script for Slip ended up getting stalled by the fact that I was trying to sqeeze 20 years’ worth of stuff into a couple flashbacks, and just couldn’t get it to work right.

I make these comics because if I don’t get the story out of my head, it’ll drive me nuts till I do. And while Slip is gonna be a great story, Locus: Godslayer (LG) is the story I gotta get out of my head first. As of this writing, I have no idea how I will be distributing this new comic. Haven’t thought that far yet. I’ve got a head fulla script right now.

If you’re in my Locus Fans Circle (LFC) on Google+, you’ve already seen the cover mockup for LG. If not, hit my G+ page and tell me you want to get added to the LFC!

Why G+? It’s easier for me to show art fulla monsters & nekkid women there than it is on Facebook. There’s also the side benefit that everyone I show that art to is someone who specifically asked to be part of the circle that gets to see that artwork. No censorship bullshit! It’s great.

So there you go! See you next week!